Our company

The brand AQVADESIGN was first registered in year 2002 in Italy with the idea to become a reference brand for highest aesthetic value and best quality standard.

AQVADESIGN is a brand of VIZIO GmbH (Germany) which identifies and is dedicated primarily to the kitchen.

The very first product we presented when we started with our brand name AQVADESIGN was our luxury shower panel "AQVAPLANA" ( www.aqvaplana.com ).

AQVAPLANA is and remains a revolutionary and unique shower panel with a design and tecnologi that has and will not be copied by anyone. We used real okumè wood and only 304 stainless steel to produce a never seen before sculpture which enriches luxury shower ambient elevating to the top.

It's design and quality have been appreciated allover the world and we shipped to places and islands which we didn't even know they exist. AQVAPLANA has been mentioned on many Bathroom Design and Interior Decoration Magazines and recognised internationally as an icon of Autenthic Natural Design and taste. To name a few, we have been pubblicate on GAP International, IXA Bathrooms, DOMUS Russia, Florida design USA, Architect's Choice UK and many many more...

AQVAPLANA being a true new-comer has even been selected by the IF WORLD DESIGN AWARD 2005 and the final Jury made it ending up 2nd. A unexpected and big result for us.

This only to confirm that the concept and final product have been well calibrated. Design and highest quality that last in time are our goal and vision... 

VIZIO presents its project and Brand dedicated primarily to the Kitchen branch.

All products are designed and created following the same philosophy of AQVAPLANA where Design is a the key but focus remains on highest quality and functionality!

Components and primary materials are according to very strict European Laws and regulations like the UBA-List released newly 2018 and all EN and ISO standards for materials that get in touch with drinking water used for domestic and human use.

Designing and engineering as well as testing is done entirely and only in house at VIZIO, making use of its 40 years experience in the branch, knowing which mistakes can happen and how to avoid them. All claims have been handled by our engineers so that they learned what goes wrong in every day use so to improve products in shortest time by changing production methods, materials or design if necessary. 

Furthermore we have a family friendly company policy. All our office workers do their job from Home and are located all over Europe to help in each country with the specific language and habits. We help in our small envirorment to contribute to a better family life since our collaborators work from home, avoiding useless driving every day by car to work. Our results show us that this is the right path, and we want you to know that you are buying from families that to the best they can for your family, because they know the value...

So when you call us and you might here small children talking or shouting... do not care about it, it's just normal at VIZIO...    :-) 


On our web site you can find a complete and wide range of kitchen mixers, and you will find a easy navigation to guide you finding your ideal kitchen faucet.

Products are sorted by its FUNCTION or by its STYLE (design).

From sink mixer with foldable spout which leave only a 6cm high tap body allowing you to open really every window behind your sink, to filter kitchen mixer with extractable 2 jet shower head with a separated and dedicated filter water outlet, you will find every solution to your specific need. And if we do not have it - ask for it! We are able to build for you!

To get in touch with us check out the shown methods you can find on our Home Page.

We are constantly upgrading and updating communication channels to get in direct contact with you. 

We are happy to give you supplementary information or if you like also our advice on design and specific function.

Our stronghold is our open communication with you you. We are here and will be always available for you since we are not just a simple trader, but we care about our products.

Furthermore we appreciate a lot messages from customers that show us with pictures their Kitchen with installed VIZIO faucet! You cannot imagine how much we appreciate the gesture! It gives us the power to go further and make things even better...

We care about the environment, but also care about the money you spend for value.

Our products have the right price that is just expression of materials and work we did.

ECOFRIENDLY means for us creating products that last longer, so that you do not need to change and create more waste!

We might not have eco labels or other marketing stuff... but our products are just made better and last longer.

Our motto: ECOFRIENDLY through better Quality!